St. Nicholas

Pope Francis Room

Date and Time
Sun 18 March 2018

There are many reasons people choose not to pray. It seems unproductive.  It’s  mysterious.  There  are  times  when  the  silence  is  painful  and  uncomfortable.  And  most  commonly,  “I just don’t have time.” While all of these may look true on the  outside,  if  we  understand  the  beauty  and  mystery,  the  transformative  power  of  spending  daily,  intentional  time  with God, all of these reasons fall to the wayside. We realize that prayer isn’t just about getting an answer or telling God what  we  need;  it’s  about  building  a  relationship  with  our  Creator. It’s a mystery and can be difficult at times, but when we choose to trust Him, we become more united to Him. 

Join us for dinner at 4:30, with Life Teen starting at 5:00

If you have never been to Life Teen, we look forward to meeting you! You can expect to find games, food, friendships and not only will you learn about the Catholic faith, but you will discover why we do this whole church thing in the first place.