St. Nicholas

Pope Francis Room

Date and Time
Sun 18 February 2018

Our bodies can do great things! When we skin our knee, our body can heal itself. Broken bones can grow back together. We  can  walk  great  distances,  climb  walls,  and  lift  “all  the  weights.”  We  can  pause,  genuflect,  and  worship  our  God  with our bodies. 

When we are given something valuable or meaningful, like new clothes, a game system, or maybe even a car, we try to maintain it, protect it from harm, and keep it working. We’ve been  entrusted  with  the  gift  of  our  bodies,  which  can  do  great things, and we are also tasked with the responsibility of taking care of them. Tonight's Life Night, we will dive into the topic of taking care of our bodies, as God intends. If you wonder what on earth that means, come find out.

Join us for dinner at 4:30, with Life Teen starting at 5:00

If you have never been to Life Teen, we look forward to meeting you! You can expect to find games, food, friendships and not only will you learn about the Catholic faith, but you will discover why we do this whole church thing in the first place.